Meet the team members...


  • Maureen Coetzee

    Research Professor and co-Director of WRIM
    My interests lie in the biology of malaria vector mosquitoes, the systematics of African anopheline species and the impact of insecticide resistance in vectors on malaria control programmes.
  • Lizette L. Koekemoer

    Reader and Associate Professor
    I am currently involved in research on novel malaria vector control tools, such as the sterile insect technique and transmission blocking vaccines, as well as the molecular aspects of insecticide resistance in malaria mosquitoes.
  • John Frean

    Associate Professor
    Research areas are malaria, opportunistic infections, and zoonotic/biosecurity risks. In malaria, the effect of HIV infection was shown to significantly increase the risk of severe and complicated malaria, while on the malaria diagnosis side, we showed that although rapid diagnostic tests had good technical performance, storage, quality control and human factors around their routine use [...]
  • Richard Hunt

    Honorary Professor
    Baseline mosquito surveys are carried out for commercial companies throughout Africa that are interested in the protection of their workforce through the control of malaria vectors. My research interests are insecticide resistance and cytogenetics which occasionally reveal anopheline species new to science.
  • Basil Brooke

    Senior Medical Scientist
    My research interests include genetic and biometric issues related to the development, inheritance, expression, relative stability and pleiotropic effects of insecticide resistance in African malaria vector species. I am also interested in assessing alternative methods of malaria vector control.
  • Riann Christian

    Medical Scientist
    My interests include the molecular aspects of insecticide resistance mechanisms and the use of biocontrol approaches for malaria vectors.
  • Dr Luisa Nardini

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    I am interested in the genetics of insecticide resistance in malaria vector species and in novel control approaches such as biological control and RNAi technology.
  • Dr Givemore Munhenga

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    My research interests are on understanding phenotypic plasticity in insects of medical importance particularly malaria vectors. I have a passion in understanding how interactions between ecological forces such as exposure to insecticides lead to changes in behavioural patterns and habitat colonisation. My approach is to understand these principles at a molecular level with the ultimate [...]
  • Dr Candice-Lee Lyons

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    I am interested in the interaction between mosquito vectors and their environment and factors shaping their life history, vector biology and physiology, and the potential impact of climate change on mosquito populations and distribution. In particular, I am investigating differences between Anopheles populations throughout Africa, given the inherent differences in insecticide resistance and behaviour already [...]
  • Annette Bennett

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    I am working on the 
evaluation of novel vector control methods, with specific reference to 
the effect of gene expression of Akirin, in Anopheles arabiensis. The 
project involves an immunization study with tick and mosquito antigens, with subsequent feeding experiments to determine the potential of akirin
 for use in gene-knockdown studies (RNAi), and the phenotypic [...]
  • Yael Dahan

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    The focus of my research is understanding the sexual maturation and reproduction of one of the major malaria vectors in Africa, Anopheles funestus.  This is essential for the application of the sterile insect technique as a mechanism to control the An. funestus populations.
  • Kwang Shik Choi

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Eunice Agubuzo

    Research Assistant
    My MSc research involved identifying malaria vector species composition and insecticide resistance in Zambia. Currently, I perform diagnostics on mosquito samples using molecular techniques to formulate strategic solutions.
  • Shüné Oliver

    Junior Researcher
    My primary research interest is the biochemistry and molecular biology of disease vectors. I am particularly interested in the biology of insecticide resistance and its’ interaction with various cellular and environmental biological systems.
  • Lerato Lebesa

    PA to WRIM
  • Leanne Robertson

    Research Assistant
    I am involved in the project using the sterile insect technique for the control of malaria vector mosquitoes. Currently I am working to increase the number of mosquitoes for release in the field.


  • Oliver Wood

    Masters student
    Insecticide resistance mechanisms in malaria vectors, with a growing interest in trap design, non-insecticidal based control techniques and mating behaviour.
  • Allison Gilbert

    Masters student
    I am interested in Forensic Entomology on the Gauteng Highveld. My interests lie in the application of modern entomological and molecular technology to flies associated with both human and animal cadavers.
  • Leyya Essop

    Masters student
    I am interested in novel vector control methods such as the Sterile Insect Technique. In particular, I am involved with the development of genetic sexing strains for mosquito vectors, as well as assessing the feasibility of novel vector control methods in a South African setting.
  • Maria Kaiser

    PhD student
    Currently completing a PhD on the bionomics of and insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae from Ghana.  My research interests include vector biology, genetics and insecticide resistance
  • Leonard Dandalo

    PhD student
    My research interests are exploring alternative vector control methods that are environmentally friendly, mainly focusing on malaria vectors in the Afrotropical Region.
  • Nancy Stephen Matowo

    MSc Coursework Student
    I’m interested in developing and evaluating odour-baited, outdoor malaria control tools/devices  as complementary strategies to the existing indoor interventions. My interest also is focused on assessing and evaluating mosquito host-seeking responses around the device for the optimisation of the control tool.
  • Godira Segoea

    MSc Coursework Student
    My area of interest covers development of ecologically sound methods and effective insecticide resistance management for achievement of progress and impact in disease vector control program implementation.


  • Zilindile Zulu, Christina Moletsane, Zachariah Mnisi

    Support Staff