Meet the team members...


  • Ms Natashua Jansen van Vuuren

    Staff member
    I developed an interest in Malaria research due to the increasing problem of resistance to treatment in Africa. I am furthermore interested in the inhibition of parasitic metal ion metabolism which may lead to the development of new antimalarials.
  • Mr Chien-Teng Chen

    Staff member
    BSc,BSc (Honours) Pharmacology
  • Dr Carla Martins-Furness

    Staff member
    Investigation of putative kinases and phosphatases of Plasmodium falciparum in terms of function, activity, role in the parasite life-cycle, and possible use as drug targets in malaria therapy.
  • Dr Leonie Harmse

    Staff member
    BSc (Biochemistry, Psychology),BSc (Honours) Biochemistry, MSc (Pharmacology), PhD (Pharmacology)
  • Associate Professor Robyn van Zyl

    Team leader
    Interests include a wide number of drug related areas: investigating novel synthetic and natural compounds for antimalarial activity, elucidating a possible mechanism of action and toxicity profile of the compound. the metal metabolism of Plasmodium falciparum has always been of interest, along with effect of metal chelators and chelates on parasite growth.




  • Maynard T.Chiwakata

    PhD candidate
    The synthesis and breast cancer inhibitory activity of cinnamic acid analgoues based on the halogenated monoterpene pharmacophore. (Rhodes University)
  • T. Ngarivhume

    PhD candidate
    Assessment of bioactivities of some traditional herbs used in Zimbabwe. (University of Bloemfontein)

MSc (Med) in Pharmacology

  • S. Holland

    MSc candidate
    An investigation into the in vitro antiplasmodal properties of novel 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives, quinolin-8-yl derivatives and methylsulfanyl aniline chelators.
  • T. Mahlangu.

    MSc candidate
    The chemotherapeutic properties of novel quinazoline, bis-hydrazone derivatives and azole structured compounds.
  • Z. Aziz

    MSc candidate
    The protective properties of 4-allyl-2-methoxyphenol and copper chelating agents.
  • M. Nadasan

    MSc candidate
    Modulation of haemolysis induced by Plasmodium falciparum-derived haem products.
  • N. Jansen van Vuuren

    MSc candidate
    The chemotherapeutic properties of novel metal chelating compounds.
  • T.H. Motau

    MSc candidate
    The chemotherapeutic properties of synthetic and natural compounds.
  • C.-T. Chen

    MSc candidate
    The effect of novel chloroquine- and porphyrin-derived compounds on the growth of Plasmodium falciparum and haemozoin formation.

BHSc (Honours) in Pharmacology

  • C. Geldenhuys

    Honours student
    The effect of azo dyes on Plasmodium falciparum
  • L. Wooler

    Honours student
    The antimalarial properties of eugenol derivatives.
  • A. Harris

    Honours student
    The protective properties of 4-allyl-2-methoxyphenol agents.
  • K. Cindi

    Honours student
    The toxic effects of colourants.

BPharm 4 students (BSc Honours)

  • V.B. Gumede

    Honours student
    Literature review: The efficacy of biopharmaceutical agents as antimalarial agents.
  • M. Moteka

    Honours student
    Literature review: The antimalarial activity of essential oils and constituents from southern African plants.